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April 28, 2011 10:53 am 2 comments

Here you can see some videos containing information on Arnold render engine.

More fun with Softimage Lagoa and coffee cup!
2.8 Million Particles – Created with the Softimage 2011, Rendered with Arnold for Softimage. Motion blur and depth of field on third shot.
Hardware used:
Dell Precision T5500 Dual Quad Core Workstation 12 gigs RAM
Nvidia Quadro 5000 Firmi based
Sim time: Thanksgiving weekend, Render time: ~6 hours for all 1000 frames.

Mark Schoennagel of Autodesk shows off a sneak peek of a beta version of Arnold, rendering insanely fast inside of Softimage. 3,200,000 spheres rendered with an ambient occlusion shader in mere seconds.

This is a small clip from a long webinar recently hosted on the Autodesk website.

A two minutes long video with a few ICE simulations that were made in order to test version 1.1 of emFlock as well as the new SItoA beta from “solid angle” (the guys who made Arnold) together with SI 2011.5.
Sorry for the lame bib-bib-bib music, there wasn’t enough time to do something nicer.

Arnold was used for the main renderings for two reasons.
1) it is fast, uses not much RAM and is really easy to setup (you get good results in no time). All those things are really good when you only have a single render machine and lack self-motivation when it comes to tweak shaders.
2) the current Arnold and SItoA versions were also tested for certain things.

The titles were rendered with emRPC v.3.05, because of the small particle size (smaller than a pixel).
emRPC is well suited and fast with that kind of particles (the titles render in less than a second per frame in 1280×720) and produces flicker free sequences, no matter how small the particles get.

The particles in this video are animated with emFlock v.1.1. Latter has had a severe “heart transplantation”:
The octree algorithm was entirely re-programmed and the multithreading was improved.
The simulation time for the big orange point cloud with 1 million particles was about 4-5 seconds per frame (approx. two and a half hours for the 2000 frames).



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