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June 7, 2011 4:35 pm 0 comments

Article by Filip Hepnar

The animation was created as a final project at High School of Applied Cybernetics. I wanted to show all the skills I had learnt in 4 years of studying at that university. Because i am interested in graphic design and typography, I decided to present font called Clarendon. I like classics and font Clarendon is definitely included. It was made in 1845 by Robert Basley. Everybody will picture this font when they think of the word „Western“ which shows Wild West.

What’s going on is a specific style of motion graphics, when a person plays with 3D or 2D the way to get an attention of the audience and to show them everything he/she is able to do. It´s something like when we are watching a person juggling with lighted chains, he also creates an abstract image, which is watched with enthusiasm.

I used Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. I was making the animation for 10 days.
To lacerate the letter „r“ I used cloth simulation. I wanted to get the majority of a natural effect, that´s why there was a need for the letter to have enough of polygons, which I was slicing by hand the way I wanted to get as much of irregular effect as possible.

Ink flow
I was recording ink at home with my camera, doing it in CG wouldn’t be that good. The work got a particular diversification. I took a paper, I put a glass and eyedropper from a nose spray on it and i created few abstract pictures.

When a font is being created, it´s created step by step. A person gets an idea what shape the font could have. They create the first letter and then the other ones are generated in the same style. I created „r“ as the first letter. I choose a combination of 3D and a real video.

The scene, in which the word “English” grows up, is symbolizing the birth of the font. Roots growing from the ground around characters stand for the life and show the growing of something new. For creating these roots I used An Ivy generator. This scene took the longest time to render, single frame took 30-45 minutes!

The whole animation was rendered in the basic Cinema 4D render engine and it was enlightened only by GI. Following colourisation and adding of effects was done in After Effects.
The whole animation was being made and rendered on 2x Intel Xeon 3.6 Ghz, 16GB ram and graphic card Nvidia Quadro 5600 Fx.

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